Tourist route of the six major cities in Toyama West

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Toyama West has so much to offer--history, culture, great food and spectacular scenery--that it's hard to know where to start.
So to make things easier, we've compiled a Best Of list showing 12 must-see attractions, with two from each city.
If you're after delicious fresh seafood and stunning views of the Tateyama mountains rising over the sea, head to Takaoka, Himi or Imizu.
If you want to see World Heritage sites and national treasures or beautiful parks and flowers,
then Takaoka, Oyabe, Tonami and Nanto are the places to go. Wherever you go, you won't be disappointed.
Where will you begin your tour of the fascinating and alluring Toyama West region?

Takaoka City

Zuiryuji Temple(certified national treasure)

Zuiryuji Temple is the ancestral temple of Lord Maeda Toshinaga, founder of Takaoka. It was built by Toshitsune Maeda, the third lord of the Maeda family, in the Zen style with the classic Buddhist layout. The main gate, Buddhist sanctum and lecture hall are the only certified national treasures in Toyama prefecture.

Address 35 Sekihonmachi, Takaoka>Google Maps
Telephone 0766-22-0179
Entry Adults ¥500,
children aged 12 to 18 ¥200,
children aged 6 to 11 ¥100
Hours 9:00 am to 4:30 pm
Closed Open all year round
How to get there
  • 10-minute walk from Takaoka station
  • 15-minute walk from Shin-Takaoka station
  • 10-minute drive from Noetsu Expressway Takaoka IC exit

Takaoka Mikurumayama Museum

A useful and informative stop in the center of town, featuring a permanent exhibition on the cultural Mikurumayama floats, the jewel in the crown of Takaoka, as well as a café, gift shop and tourist information center.

Address 47-1 Moriyamamachi, Takaoka>Google Maps
Telephone 0766-30-2497
Entry Adults ¥300,
15 years old or younger free
Hours 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Closed Tuesday (or next non-public holiday)
New Year period (Dec 29 - Jan 3)
How to get there
  • 10-minute walk from Takaoka station
  • 10-minute drive from Noetsu Expressway Takaoka IC exit

Tourist information about Takaoka

Imizu City

-- the "Venice of Japan"

Uchikawa is the name given to the river that flows west from Toyama-Shinko over a distance of 3,420 meters. This stretch of river is home to 12 unique and attractive bridges as well as around 80 fishing boats and other water craft, giving it the nostalgic look and feel of an old port town.

Inquiries: Kawanoeki Shin-Minato

Address 1-26 Tatemachi, Imizu>Google Maps
Telephone 0766-30-2552
Closed Fourth Wednesday of the month
How to get there
  • Eight-minute walk from Shinmachiguchi on the Manyo line
  • 25-min drive from Hokuriku Expressway Kosugi IC exit

SS Kaiwomaru, the Lady of the Sea

Built as a training ship for a maritime school and officially launched on February 14 1930, the SS Kaiwomaru has clocked an amazing 1.06 million nautical miles, equivalent to 50 times around the world. Today the Lady of the Sea looks just the same as when she was in service, with all 29 sails still fitted. The SS Kaiwomaru operates under full sail ten times per year.

Inquiries: Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Fushiki-Toyama Port Kaiwomaru

Address 8 Kaiomachi, Imizu>Google Maps
Telephone 0766-82-5181
Admission fee Adults (15 years old and above): ¥400
Children (6 to 14 years old): ¥200
Closed Wednesdays and New Year holiday period
How to get there
  • Ten-minute walk from Kaiwomaru station on the Manyo line
  • 20-min drive from Hokuriku Expressway Kosugi IC exit

Tourist information about Imizu

Himi City

Himi Bay Cruising

Take a 25-minute cruise and enjoy the sensation of gliding effortlessly across spectacular Toyama Bay, proud member of the Most Beautiful Bays in the World Club, to key sites such as Karashima Island, the Aojo hilltop castle ruins and the fixed fishing nets, framed by the glorious Tateyama mountains in the distance across the sea of Himi. You can even feed the seagulls if you want!

Address 7-1 Chuomachi, Himi
At the Himi City Fisheries Cultural Exchange Center (formerly Totoza)
>Google Maps
Telephone 0766-74-5250 (Himi Tourism Association)
Price Adults (15 years old and above): ¥1,000
Children (6 to 11 year olds): ¥500
Departures Daily departures from April 30 to late November
Note: Services may be suspended during bad weather
How to get there
  • Ten-minute drive from Noetsu Expressway Himi IC exit
  • 20-minute walk or five-minute drive from Himi station
© 藤子スタジオ

Himi Shiokaze Gallery(Fujiko Fujio Ⓐ Art Collection)

Featuring countless original and reproduction frames from the legendary manga artist Fujiko Fujio Ⓐ, who hails from Himi. Immerse yourself in the world of manga through the Fujiko Fujio Ⓐ Digital Manga Screen.

Address 3-4 Chuomachi, Himi>Google Maps
Telephone 0766-72-4800
Entry Adults ¥200
Free to children up to 18 years old and disabled card holders
Closed New Year holiday period (Dec 29 - Jan 3)
How to get there
  • Six minutes by bus from Himi station ("Himi Chuo" stop)
  • Ten minutes by car from Noetsu Expressway Himi IC exit
  • Ten-minute walk from Himi Banyagai

Tourist information about Himi

Oyabe City

Crossland Oyabe

The observation deck at 118 m offers stunning views over traditional houses and Marchen buildings spread across the Tonami plains, as well as the sparkling Sea of Japan and the glorious Tateyama mountain range. With attractions such as the Da Vinci Techno Museum, funny bicycles and mini-golf, there's something for all ages. Heart Island is also a popular attraction for young lovers.

Address 15 Washigashima, Oyabe>Google Maps
Telephone 0766-68-0932

Tower and observation deck

Adults ¥420, children ¥210, infants ¥100

Da Vinci Museum

Adults ¥210, children ¥100

Closed Wednesdays
How to get there
  • 3.5 km from Ainokaze Toyama Railway Isurugi station
  • 5 km from Hokuriku Expressway Oyabe IC exit

Kurikara Park

Kurikara Park straddles the prefectural border and incorporates part of Oyabe in Toyama prefecture and Tsubata in Ishikawa prefecture. It is home to the Hanyu Gokoku Hachimangu shrine, where Minamoto no Yoshinaka prayed for victory in the battle of Kurikara (part of the wider Genpei War), as well as Kurikara Fudoji Temple, one of the three major temples which enshrines Fudomyo in Japan, and a statue of a bull with flaming torches.

Address Hanyu, Oyabe>Google Maps
Telephone 0766-30-2266
Entry Free
Closed None
How to get there
  • 10 km from Ainokaze Toyama Railway Isurugi station
  • 7 km from Hokuriku Expressway Oyabe IC exit

Tourist information about Oyabe

Tonami City

Tonami Tulip Gallery

Although the tulip flowers only in spring, at the Tonami Tulip Gallery you can see tulips in flower at any time of year, thanks to the high-tech environment regulation system, the only one of its kind in the world. The museum shop next to the gallery has a range of tulip-inspired gifts and souvenirs.

Address 100-1 Nakamura, Tonami>Google Maps
Telephone 0763-33-7716
Entry Adults (from senior high school students to 64 years) ¥310
Senior citizens (65+) ¥250
Elementary and junior high school students ¥120
Pre-school aged children free
Closed New Year holiday period and during exhibit changeovers
How to get there
  • 15-minute walk or five-minute drive from Tonami station
  • Five-minute drive from Hokuriku Expressway Tonami IC exit

Shogawa River Gorge Scenic Cruises

Admire the stunning scenery of the Shogawa river gorge and lake system. There's so much to see in every season: the red leaves of autumn, the icy splendor of winter, the new growth of spring. The nearby mountains are breathtaking when viewed from the water.

Address 73-5 Shogawamachi Komaki, Tonami>Google Maps
Telephone 0763-82-0220

Return trip tickets

Omaki Onsen (longer)

Adults ¥2,800, children ¥1,400

Nagasaki bridge (shorter)

Adults ¥1,000, children ¥500

Closed Services daily (365 days)
How to get there
  • 25 minutes by car from Tonami station
  • 20 minutes by car from Hokuriku Expressway Tonami IC exit

Tourist information about Tonami

Nanto City

World Heritage assetsAinokura Steep-roofed gassho-zukuri farmhouses

Ainokura is home to 23 traditional thatched steep-roofed farmhouses that were listed as World Heritage assets by UNESCO in 1995. The beautifully maintained structures are reminiscent of the Japan of old. They are particularly striking when lit up at night, which happens several times a year, when the farmhouses have the appearance of majestic yet ghostly apparitions in the night.

Address 611 Ainokura, Nanto>Google Maps
Telephone 0763-66-2123(Ainokura Gassho-Style Preservation Foundation)
Inquiries: Gokayama Tourist Information Center 0763-66-2468
Parking(profits fund preservation work) Passenger vehicle (small/large): ¥500
Small bus (11-29 seats): ¥2,000
Large bus (30+ seats): ¥3,000
Motorbike: ¥100
How to get there
  • Five-minute walk from "Ainokura-guchi" bus stop
    (World Heritage bus departing Johana station)
  • Five-minute walk from "Ainokura-guchi" bus stop
    (World Heritage bus departing Shin-Takaoka station)
  • 20 minutes from Tokai Hokuriku Expressway Gokayama IC exit via Highway 156

Inami Betsuin (branch temple) of the Shinshu Otani Buddhist schoolZuisenji temple

Zuisenji is the largest wooden Shinshu Buddhist temple in the Hokuriku region. It was erected in 1390 (during the Meitoku era) by Shakunyo, the fifth high priest of the Hongan-ji Buddhist school, and is richly decorated with Inami wood carvings throughout. The temple complex is at one end of the historic Yokamachi Dori precinct, which is well worth a leisurely stroll, with its flagstone street and old-world charm. Definitely worth posting on Instagram!

Address 3050 Inami, Nanto>Google Maps
Telephone 0763-82-0004
Price Adults (15 years old and above): ¥500
Children: free
Visiting hours 9:00 am to 4:30 pm
Closed Open all year round (subject to events; check before departure)
How to get there
  • Three-minute walk from "Zuisenji Kotsu Hiroba" bus stop on the Inami Woodcarving Bus (called "Nanbas" by locals) departing Johana station
  • Three-minute walk from "Kotsu Hiroba" bus stop on the Inami & Shogawa Cruise Shuttle Bus service departing Johana station

Tourist information about Nanto