Tourist route of the six major cities in Toyama West

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Toyama West has so much to offer--history, culture, great food and spectacular scenery--that it's hard to know where to start.
So to make things easier, we've compiled a Best Of list showing 12 must-see attractions, with two from each city.
If you're after delicious fresh seafood and stunning views of the Tateyama mountains rising over the sea, head to Takaoka, Himi or Imizu.
If you want to see World Heritage sites and national treasures or beautiful parks and flowers, then Takaoka, Oyabe, Tonami and Nanto are the places to go.
Wherever you go, you won't be disappointed.
Where will you begin your tour of the fascinating and alluring Toyama West region?

Takaoka City

About 13 minutes from Kanazawa on the Hokuriku Shinkansen(!), Takaoka, where townsfolk culture is connected to the Kaga domain's Maeda family blooms.
In this castle town founded over 400 years ago by Toshinaga Maeda, the second generation head of the Maeda family of the Kaga domain, historical buildings remain at every turn, including Zuiryuji Temple, a national treasure.
Having developed through commerce and industry, it is well known as a "town of craftsmanship," with Takaoka metal casting manufacturers and workshops dotted throughout the historical townscape.
Purchase these items as souvenirs, and treat yourself to abundant experiences of traditional culture, with manufacturing site tours and craft lessons led by artisans themselves.

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Imizu City

Imizu City is full of highlights, from Shinminato Bridge, the largest cable-stayed bridge on the Sea of Japan coast, to Kaiwomaru Park, Taikoyama Land, and the Uchikawa area, a popular filming location for film and TV programs.
It is also home to a great deal of charming local resources, such as traditional culture and festivals that have been passed down in an unbroken line, including lion dances, the Hikiyama Festival, and the Yasanma Festival.
A diversity of fish and shellfish is caught here, with firefly squid in spring, broad velvet shrimp from spring to autumn, and red snow crab and Japanese amberjack in winter.
Savor fresh seafood throughout the year.

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Himi City

Himi City, located in northwestern Toyama Prefecture at the eastern base of Noto Peninsula is a fishing town where some of Japan's most delicious fish are caught.
This is the birthplace of the "Etchu-style fixed shore net" used in the fishing grounds of Toyama Bay and is known as a natural fish pen.
Here you can savor fresh fish in all four seasons, including "Himi winter amberjack" in winter.
With a treasure trove of ingredients, such as Himi beef, Himi rice, and Himi udon, and with majestic views of the 3,000-meter Tateyama Range across Toyama Bay from your lodging at Himi Onsen Village, this town will undoubtedly soothe your body and soul.

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Tonami City

Tonami: A green and flowering town interwoven with the Sho River and dotted with homes.
This dispersed village is on a fertile plain fostered by the clear streams of the Shogawa River and dotted with houses.
Budding green in spring and summer, golden in autumn, and silvery in winter, each time you visit, Tonami will show you a somehow nostalgic yet new expression.
The "Shogawa Onsenkyo" will soothe your body and mind; the natural Sho River Gorge, Hokuriku's great springtime event, the "Tonami Tulip Fair," and the Japanese irises, cosmos, and other seasonal flowers will welcome everyone.

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砺波市公式観光サイト となたび

Oyabe City

Oyabe City is beloved as a town filled with nature and historical romanticism, from its sublime natural features of Mount Inaba and Miyajima Gorge to Kurikara Pass, the site of a battle between the Minamoto and Taira clans, to nationally designated Important Cultural Property Hanyu Gokoku Hachiman Shrine, and to fairy-tale-like architecture modeled on famous architecture from around the world.
Crossland Tower, the symbol of the city, has sweeping views of the Tateyama Range and scattered villages in the area.
On holidays it bustles with people, particularly families.
Oyabe: a town of exciting encounters. We eagerly await your visit.

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見て来て体験 メルヘン小矢部

Nanto City

Nanto City, located in the southwest of Toyama Prefecture, is blessed with an abundance of nature in all four seasons.
It is a place of unspoiled Japanese landscapes that still steadfastly retains good, old-fashioned, traditional Japanese culture.
Gokayama, known for its traditional thatched-roof houses, possesses a unique culture while remaining a living space: a "living World Heritage site."
The fragrance of history and culture is palpable in Johana, where the silk industry flourished from the medieval period to the early modern period, and in Inami, known for its wood carving.
From Fukumitsu, once the home of Shiko Munakata, to the once-prosperous market town of Fukuno, to Inokuchi, land of camellias, and to theater and urban exchange village Toga, the hills of Nanto promise exciting travel, and the people offer warm smiles of welcome.

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